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United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) (2005)   C2

1. What do we mean by ‘psychosocial support (PSS)? | 2. What are the basic principles of psychosocial support for UNICEF? | 3. In what types of situations does UNICEF address psychosocial support? | 4. Are there certain psychosocial interventions in which UNICEF should not normally seek to invest? | 5. Are there any types of interventions we should discourage? | 6. Should UNICEF support one-to-one counselling? In what situations might this be appropriate? | 7. When should children be referred for professional mental health support? | 8. Should we avoid using the term “traumatised” when referring to children? | 9. How do we assess the type or response needed a) for quick, short term action? b) for medium-long term interventions? | 10. How can caregivers and professionals who have themselves experienced the same crises or exposures provide psychosocial support to children? | 11. What materials and tools are recommended to support and monitor PSS interventions? Where can these be obtained?

PTSD,  psychosocial support (PSS),  unicef,  psychosocial support,  psychosocial interventions,  frequently asked questions,  interventions,