Clincal Case Definition Post COVID-19

WHO has developed a clinical case definition of post COVID-19condition by Delphi methodology that includes 12 domains, available for use in all settings. This first version was developed by patients, researchers and others, representing all WHO regions, with the understanding that the definition may change as new evidence emerges and our understanding of the consequences of COVID-19 continues to

MEDBOX Issue Brief 15 "Long Covid"

Long COVID is a complicated mix of various symptoms. Find relevant documents, information material on Long COVID issues and mental health aspects in our issue brief. Take a look at all available Issue Briefs  here.

MEDBOX Issue Brief 16: Myths & COVID-19 Vaccination

Many studies have shown the effectiveness of vaccination against COVID-19 and that it protects against severe illness. A high vaccination rate is needed to combat the pandemic worldwide. Due to misinformation and myths, there is still a great hesitancy to vaccinate . With this Issue Brief, we would like to present various myths and provide you with educational materials on the respective topics for communication. This issue Brief is available in English and French.

MEDBOX Video Series

The MEDBOX team has produced a new video clip series to virtually explain "The idea behind MEDBOX" as well as the different possibilities of use. Video 2 "How to search a document" deals with searching specific documents, video 3  MEDBOX Features explains how to register, how to use MY MEDBOX and MY NEWS and video 4 TOOLBOXES gives you a brief overview about our available Toolboxes. You find these video clips here in MEDBOX and on YouTube!


Surveillance der Gesundheit geflüchteter Menschen in Aufnahmeeinrichtungen

Bozorgmehr, K.; S. Rohleder, M. Qreini, et al.  (2021)

Das kultursensible Krankenhaus

Maria Droste, Dr. Ali Kemal Gün, Hedwig Kiefer, et al. Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Migration, Flüchtlinge und Integration Bundeskanzleramt  (2021)

Antidote Game

World Health Organization WHO and Psyon Games  (2021)

Kindred Organisation