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Accessed: 04.10.2019 The data collection process was organized by UCDC Director, Natalia Nizova, and M&E Department Head, Igor Kuzin, and implemented by M&E specialists from oblast AIDS Centers: Zhanna Antonenko, Oksana Gorbachuk, Volodymyr Zahorovskyi (Kiev City); Anna Lopatenko, Irina Kozina, Iryna Chukhalova, (Dnipropetrovsk); Galina Vysotskaja, Iryna Petrovska, Oleksandr Guzieiev (Mykolayiv). Qualitative data collection as well as a desk review was done by the WB’s local consultants Anna Shapoval, Olesia Trofymenko, Anna Pisotska and Elena Dzyuba. The report was prepared by a World Bank Task Team led by Iris Semini (seconded to the World Bank until July 2013, and now back with UNAIDS), and concluded by Emiko Masaki and Marelize Görgens (World Bank), with support and guidance provided by Daniel Dulitzky, Paolo Belli, Alejandro Cedeno, Alona Goroshko and Lombe Kasonde. Administrative support was provided by Anna Goodman, Mario Mendez and Uma Balasubramanian. When draft results were ready, an in-country workshop was held where stakeholders provided their inputs. Once a draft report was produced, written comments were received from World Bank colleagues, Son Nam Nguyen, Rosemary Sunkutu and Alona Goroshko.

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