MEDBOX Annual Report 2020

The MEDBOX Annual Report 2020 has now been published. Get an insight into the diverse activities of the MEDBOX and its innovations.

MEDBOX Issue Brief "Fair global distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines"

We have published Issue Brief no.9: Fair global distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines. This Issue Brief is focusing on the aspects of fair and equitable allocation of COVID-19 vaccines,, It completes the series on vaccination: Issue Brief no. 7: "Impfung & COVID-19" ( German context) and  Issue Brief no.8 "COVID-19 & Vaccination" ( international context). Issue Brief No. 10: Testen & COVID-19 for the German context is now published.  Take a look at all available Issue Briefs  here.

MEDBOX Video Series

The MEDBOX team has produced a new video clip series to virtually explain "The idea behind MEDBOX" as well as the different possibilities of use. Video 2 "How to search a document" deals with searching specific documents, video 3  MEDBOX Features explains how to register, how to use MY MEDBOX and MY NEWS and video 4 TOOLBOXES gives you a brief overview about our available Toolboxes. You find these video clips here in MEDBOX and on YouTube!

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