Celebrating the International Day of the Midwife

We celebrate the International Day of Midwives on 5th of May. It's a great opportunity to show appreciation for the work of midwives and to emphasise the great results that can be achieved when a woman or other person giving birth is accompanied and supported by a trusted midwife. However, the shortage of midwives must also be addressed in this context. According to the report “The State of the World’s Midwifery 2021” by the United Nations Population Fund, there is a global deficit of around 900,000 midwives. This harbours great dangers for pregnant women and their children. If you want to know more about women's health and reproductive health, click here.

Fair share for health and care: gender and the underevaluation of health and care work

Even in the health and care sector, where on average 67 percent of employees worldwide are women, gender inequalities are omnipresent. Unfortunately, it is still the case that women have to perform a significant amount of unpaid care work. Not even those in employment receive the same pay: on average, women earn 24 percent less than men doing comparable work.  It is therefore essential to advocate for a gender-equitable health and care workforce to achieve an equitable and sustainable primary healthcare sector, orientated towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Please find more information on gender equality here.

Caregiver Toolbox Video

Caregivers have a major impact on maintaining health services and improving the health status of the population. The daily work in nursing, however, requires good organization, a high sense of responsibility, and continuous education on the latest standards of care.MEDBOX produced a video that is specifically addressed to caregivers. It explains the structure and content of the Caregiver Toolbox, tells stories from caregivers around the world and shows how the online library can simplify their work. Please find the video.

Planetary Health Toolbox

"Planetary Health " works in an interdisciplinary way and deals with the interrelationships of human health, the economic and social system, and the natural habitat of our planet. The Planetary Health Toolbox includes topics such as One Health, Climate change, biodiversity, and impact on health. We have published two Issue Briefs one on "Climate Change & Heath"   and one on "Planetary Health Basics" to raise awareness about heat waves as a result of climate change and its impact on health. Be curious and take a look at our introduction video and into the toolbox.